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Filach Protection use

Basic protective set of FILACH products for wide range of use in many areas was based on long-time experience and detailed knowledge of the background, legislation and functionality of protective devices for CBRNe and HAZMAT as a result of worldwide growing necessity to protect population and property as well as fire fighters, paramedics, police, army etc. during interventions against:

  • Accidents, natural disasters
  • Revealing illegal drug manufacturing sites
  • Growing terrorism and aggression during demonstrations

Application of FILACH PROTECTION products

  • Military and law enforcement forces (army, police) - protection against dangerous CBRNe crime or HAZMAT: war, terrorism, demonstrations, illegal drug labs, security operations bottle bombs, accidents, emergencies
  • Firefighters, paramedics - devices to fight fires including evacuation devices, to be used in HAZMAT situations, industrial and transport accidents
  • Logistic industry - fires of inflammables mostly on boards of cargo ships, accidents during transportation of hazardous chemicals (fertilizers, petroleum products, liquefied gasses), accidents in machine parts
  • Aircraft industry - emergencies during dealing with fuel
  • Chemical industry - steam (e. g. heating plant), manufacturing petroleum and petroleum products and other inflammables, manufacturing of work with hazardous chemicals, fertilizers, liquid metals and liquefied gasses
  • Railway and road transportation of chemical substances - fires of inflammables, accidents during transportation of hazardous chemicals (fertilizers, petroleum products, liquefied gasses) or accidents in machine parts